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Joanna White March 11th, 2017

Death Cross and Golden Cross Signals - What are they?

Have you heard of the Death Cross and the Golden Cross in your trading career? These two crosses occur when the 50-period simple moving average crosses through the 200 simple moving average. Read on and we will explore these two terms in trading. First we must review moving averages How ca....
Joanna White March 5th, 2017

What is a "Trading Curb" or "Rule 80"?

A trading curb, also referred to as a "circuit breaker" is a mechanism to help prevent the market from crashing during extreme volatility. When they are triggered, circuit breakers either halt trading for a certain period of time, or close the trading day early to allow investors and market make....
Joanna White February 26th, 2017

Range Bars: An Alternative to Time Based Charts

Range bars can be an alternative to time based charts. Time based charts are based on a particular time period such as 5 minutes, 15 minutes, one hour, 4 hours, daily, etc… Each time based chart will produce a set number of bars which corresponds to the timeframe selected. For instance, from 9....