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Tom Nunamaker October 17th, 2017

Join the Capital Discussions Slack Community

We have had some people in our community ask for a place to talk to each other in real time with chat. After looking at different possible solutions, Slack seemed like a good choice for the Capital Discussions community. Slack is a very popular platform for teams and communities to commun....
Joanna White September 24th, 2017

The Importance of Low Annual Volatility in Your Returns

You have heard the saying "Slow and steady wins the race." Today we will discuss how low annual volatility in your trading returns can allow your profits to accrue without large swings in your overall portfolio. For many traders, low annual volatility of returns creates a less stressful tradi....
Joanna White September 3rd, 2017

Learn to be Fallible in Your Trading

Being fallible as a trader has been discussed in many publications. Today I will discuss some elements of being fallible that may help you improve your overall trading results. The definition of fallible, according to Miriam Webster, is "to be capable of making a mistake." Why is it important ....