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Joanna White January 19th, 2017

Technical Indicators 101: Bollinger Bands in a Nutshell

Bollinger Bands are a technical indicator created by renowned technical trader John Bollinger in the early 1980's. There are numerous publications, as well as John's website, that go into great detail on this popular tool used by many traders. This article will touch on th....
Joanna White January 14th, 2017

Technical Indicators 101: Simple vs Exponential Moving Averages

The origin of moving averages can be traced back to 18th Century Japan, and are now used by the majority of traders in some form or another. Those who have studied the early use of moving averages have the understanding that simple moving averages (SMA) were used long before exponential moving av....
Joanna White January 5th, 2017

Option Volume and Open Interest

The decisions of millions of investors and traders affect the price movements in the options market. There are many useful statistics in addition to price movement that indicate what other market participants are doing. This article will focus on two factors many traders consider when trading....