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VolVantage Trade Alerts

Have you ever wanted to hedge your portfolio, but didn’t know how?

Have you ever wanted to trade “volatility,” but you were not sure how Contango is different from Backwardation or why it is important?

There are a plethora of VIX-based products on the market today, and not a single one comes anywhere close to reproducing the VIX price movement over time. You may think that the VIX-based ETF you bought will protect you in a market down turn, only to find that your VIX-based EFT lost half of its value while the VIX was moving sideways for the last few months.

  • VIX-based ETFs work nothing like most investors think or assume that they do!
  • VIX-based ETFs are not designed to be bought and held.

Are you ready for a simpler way to make money?

We have built a volatility trading system that gives you an advantage.

We call it, VolVantage.

VolVantage Trade Alerts eliminates the complexity. VolVantage turns complexity into simplicity and simplicity into profits.

VolVantage does NOT use any options, futures, or short selling. You will NOT need to study options for years to become an options guru, in order to become a profitable trader. VolVantage does all of the difficult work for you. You only need to know how to buy and sell a stock.


The VolVantage Trade Alerts inludes everything you need to learn how Jim Riggio trades the VolVantage trade.

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All working orders and fills are sent to you via email and/or SMS text message in real time as Matt trades

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Watch a video of what happened in the past week and Jim's plans for the following week.

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A screen capture of the current trade is uploaded frequently to keep you updated on what Jim's trades look like.

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Ask Jim and other subscribers questions about the VolVantage trade.

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All webinars and videos are archived for you to watch as many times as you want.

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Jim gives an overview of the VolVantage trade so you can learn how the details of how it works.


We have designed and developed many volatility trading systems over the last fourteen years (since the inception of VIX Futures). No volatility trading system that we know of has produced the reward versus risk metrics, delivered by VolVantage. We have built comprehensive, adaptable models, which have been thoroughly vetted, and optimized for risk vs. reward in disparate market environments. Our eight VolVantage models have produced average annual returns ranging from 80 to over 120% per year in simulated twelve-year trading environments (i.e., back testing with knowing the price data). The VolVantage trading methodology, which we have implemented for the VolVantage Trade Alert Service has produced the following simulated monthly trading performance: 

VolVantage Trade Performance Image

Frequently Asked Questions

I heard, from a friend of a friend, that all back tests are “curve fitted” to produce inflated performance numbers that can NOT be reproduced in the real world?
Your friend’s friend is smart. We, too, believe that most back tests are NOT reliable indicators of what you could reasonably expect to reproduce with live trading in the future. Back-tests usually perform MUCH better than “model simulations” because the price data (i.e., the history of price movement) is known when back-testing. Back-tests tend to optimally “fit” their trading strategy to the history price data. That is why we didn’t rely on back-testing to develop our VolVantage trading system. Instead, Volvantage was engineered using eight different model simulations. Models were designed to represent different market environments. VolVantage is a dynamic, volatility trading system that adapts to the current market environment. VolVantage uses probability models to produce the best potential reward for least amount of risk, in any given market. And yes… VolVantage’s “curve fitted” back-test results significantly outperformed our model simulations. However, while back-test can provide useful information, we strongly believe that our robust model simulations method can reproduce similar results in the future.
How about drawdowns?
The maximum drawdown going back to 2003 (not 2010 like all other systems that we know), if you only enter at the start of all new trades, is -18.1%.

VolVantage has designed and implemented a robust risk management methodology.

VolVantage integrates these indicators into adaptive trading strategies to maximize our risk versus reward ratio. VolVantage has been engineered to produce the highest probability to gain most profit, with the least amount of risk.

My friend tried somebody else’s volatility trading system and lost money.
Every trading system will have drawdowns, and VolVantage is no exception. “Risk Management” is everything, if you want to be profitable over the long run. VolVantage uses propriety VolVantage indicators based on the VIX, VX Futures, and Term Structure (in addition to SPX price and Put Skew and VIX Call Skew).

The biggest challenge was that if Risk Management disciplines were too tight, profitability got severely impaired. We could hedge away all of the risks, but that would hedge away all of the profits also!

We have produced a back-tested and model performance, from a perfect back-test that produced over 120% annual returns to a rigorous, well-rounded and balanced model that produced 100% annual returns using my rigorous model and robust trading disciplines, with data going back to April 2004. The chart below illustrates the maximum Drawdowns in the modeled VolVantage trading system. The BLUE area, in the chart below, represents the maximum drawdowns from the absolute highs, regardless if you entered in the middle of a trade. The maximum drawdown if you enter mid-trade at the absolute peak was 30.5%. The RED area, in the chart below, represents the maximum drawdowns from the absolute highs, but only from the start of a new trade (i.e., you did NOT enter in the middle of a trade). The maximum drawdown if you enter only at the start of a new trade was 18.1%. I don’t know your risk tolerance level, but for myself, I can certainly handle an 18% drawdown for a trade that averages between 80 to 120% per year!

VolVantage Max Drawdowns Image
How complex is VolVantage to learn?
Simple. We do all of the volatility analysis and send you our research and live trades.
Can I trade VolVantage in my IRA?
Do I need a specific type of Brokerage account or special trading approvals?
No special broker or brokerage account is needed. VolVantage does NOT use short selling, Options or Futures, and does NOT require margin or any special trading approvals. Hence, no special broker, brokerage account, or broker approvals are required. The VXX and XIV trade just like stocks, and can be traded in the same brokerage accounts.
How much capital will I needed to trade VolVantage?
You can trade VolVantage with as little or as much as you are comfortable. The only limit is that of the price to buy one share of XIV or VXX.
In addition to the Trade Alert and subscriber website, will there also be any commentary?
Jim provides daily commentary on the markets and the VolVantage indicators in the form of Daily Market Analysis and Trade Images, as well as a weekly Market Analysis and Review Video / Webex. There is also a special subscriber Web Forum to discuss VolVantage with Jim and other traders.

About Jim's VolVantage Trade Alert Service

With the trade alert service, you’ll follow along with Jim as he trades several VIX-based products in a $35,000 RegT account.  

You’ll get email and/or SMSS text alerts fo every trade.

Jim frequently updates his planning notes so you'll know what he's thinking. Jim's insights are valuable and worth the price of the subscription alone.

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For Educational Purposes Only!

Trade alerts in this service are made in real time in a ThinkOrSwim live account with Reg-T margin. The purpose of the service is for you to watch professional traders trade a live account so you can learn how to do it yourself by following along and asking questions. 

Capital Discussions Is not a broker dealer or investment advisor. The VolVantage Alerts are NOT trade recommendations. We don't know you or your situation and have no way of knowing what level of risk is appropriate for you. You have to make your own trading decisions. 

The risk of loss in trading options can be substantial so please be aware of all of your risks prior to placing any live trades. You are solely responsible for trades you open.