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Road Trip Trade GraphicThe Road Trip Trade is bearish butterfly trade with low draw downs and high mathematical expectancy. This creates a very smooth equity growth curve. Returns are consistent with occasional small losses but frequent winners. The trade is easy to adjust on the downside with fast moving markets and has no risk on the upside in rising markets after the profit/loss line is adjusted during the trade. The trade starts out 70 or more days to expiration which creates a very flat profit/loss curve which can absorb a lot of market movement, even on the downside. Because of this, you can take road trips and sleep well at night. This is a trade suitable for your mother's investment portfolio.


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You'll enjoy these benefits

  • Low draw downs - This creates steady equity growth
  • Few and easy adjustments - even in fast moving markets
  • No upside risk - sleep well when the markets are going up

See what others say

The alert service allows me to mimic your trades as well as doing my own. Thats proving to be an excellent way for me to learn the trade and associated though processes. The obvious enthusiasm from you guys is great and you go the extra mile with the ad hoc emails explaing why you are doing certain things.
Greg R. - Canada

I like the degree to which they are educational--I don't just want to trade these, but to learn to have good judgment with them, so when you give rationale for what you are doing and what you are considering, that is almost more useful than the trade data itself. That probably overstates it, but rationale lasts longer. But more simply, I like participating in the rhythm of your trading.
Alan L. - Bend, OR

Great communication and teachings by Tom and Dan.... The Cap Discussion's Trading Services is the best I have ever subscribed to (been trading >25 years). Thanks!
Rick V.B. - Eagan, MN

DO IT!!! Love the service. I'm very optimistic going forward this is everything I'm looking for in a strategy, (especially small draw down). Absolute Home Run!! You give us the trade, the adjustments, proposed adj, recap (snapshots), entertaining commentary, QA sessions,answer questions on a timely basis. Everything but click the mouse.(if i screw this up it's on me)I'm a believer, I will be renewing my subscription. Thank you.
Russ A. - Islip, NY

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